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and remained unavailable Curtis's bandmates would later recollect Curtis began to become slightly "lofty" and distant from them after he had become acquainted with Honor, who herself was noted to be demanding of both his time and attention.[41] cheap hockey jerseys These discount football jerseys China facts would occasionally invoke pranks directed at himself and Annik from them. He is also known to have become a p1723 vegetarian likely at Honor's behest although when not in her presence, he is known to have eaten meat.

[42]Curtis began suffering epileptic fits in late 1978; he would be officially diagnosed with the condition on 23 January the following year,[43][n 4] with his particular case being described by doctors as so severe, his "life would [be] ruled to obsolescence by his severe epilepsy"[45] without the various strong dosages of medications he was prescribed. Having joined the British Epilepsy Association, Curtis was initially open to discuss his condition with anyone who would inquire, although he soon became withdrawn, and reluctant to discuss any aspect regarding his condition beyond the most mundane and necessary aspects.

[46] On each occasion it became apparent a particular prescribed medication failed to control Curtis's seizures, his doctor would prescribe a different anticonvulsant, and his wife would note his being "full of renewed enthusiasm" this particular formulation would help him bring his seizures under control.[47].